Michael Segal was born in 1974 and he is an actor, director and producer.

He worked for 20 years as a bodyguard for international stars and VIPs and Tv shows and he is a skilled equestirain, martial artist, diver, precision driver and motorcyclist, sky diver, snowboarder and free climber. He studied acting in Italy and USA and has 55 works on his resume, many of which are worldwide distributed.

He is also a writer and published 4 novels so far: IN ARTICULO MORTIS, IN NOMINE DEI, SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM and THULE.


He trained as a stuntman at the Danish academy of Chevalier Stunts and in Italy with the D-Unit Stunt Team.

With a deep love of cinema from the age of 6, in 2016 he decided to create a Film Festival where talented artists can have the opportunity to be noticed and have their voice be heard. Excellence will be recognized in each field of the movie industry, with awards for many of professionals that work hard behind the camera and after the shooting.



With the hard work of Roberta Graziosi, IIPM FESTIVAL has born As a team, they have assembled a terrific jury and made alliances with key distribution and production companies and sales agents: to forge a future, together.